About Nancy

My love for photography started as a child.  I became serious about my art when I started entering competitions. I expanded my skills by exploring the “Creative Manipulation” side of photographic art.  I love the creative process of taking a regular image and creating something new from it.

My first venture netted me a “Best Of Show” Gold Medal win in an International Competition. Since then, I have received numerous awards, both Nationally and Internationally.

Communing with nature and photographing birds and catching them in flight is very exciting to me.  My second “Best Of Show,” Gold Medal was awarded for one of my bird photographs.

All aspects of photographic art has become for me, a most satisfying way of capturing the beauty of life in all its elements.

I currently hold the position of Vice President and Competition Chairman in the Naples Camera Club and I’m the PSA (Photographic Society of America) Club Rep. as well as the South West Area Rep. for FCCC (Florida Camera Club Council)

Nancy is becoming well known in the area and should with not much effort on her part, continue to
grow into quite an artist. If we all strived to be as good as she is, we would all grow to know
more and more.

Curtis Tackett

“Over the last two years I have seen an artist that consistently creates art that moves from the documentary to photography with a story.  Her ability in both photography and creative photography shows her well-tuned skills
in the medium that definitely deserves our respect.”

Ed Wedman, Co-Founder. Exhibitions Without Walls Nationally recognized organization promoting Photographers and Digital Artists   

Selected Awards